Useful tip of the day: Viewing Windows Event Logs

Occasionally, I have the need to log into work and perform tasks from home.  I don't take always take the time to log my hours, and remembering can be a pain.  I discovered how to check the windows event logs, and they give me an accurate idea of the time spent working!

To access the windows event logs (Windows 8):

Control Panel ==> Type "event" in search bar ==>Select "View Event Logs" underneath Administrative tools.

The event viewer will come up.  Expand the tab "Windows Logs", and inspect Application and Security logs (there are also some other logs, e.g. System, which I haven't used yet).  I use a VPN to log into work, and that always comes up in the Security log.

As a Windows user, I have never thought to check the logs.  Interestingly, since getting back into Linux and administrating my own Arch Linux system, I am more interested in checking logs.  I guess I am saying, I find Linux a system that encourages learning to use a computer better.

Linux FTW!

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