Tunneling with Putty/SSH into an rtl_tcp server

I recently decided that I wanted to set up a software defined radio TCP server, so that I could access it from the outside world. I was hoping to be able to listen to my home radio setup at work.

It was a bit of a challenge. The prerequisites are as follows:
1. Have SDR sharp on the windows desktop at work.
2. Have putty on the windows desktop at work.
3. Have the ability to open ports (most router web interfaces call this "port forwarding") on my home router.
4. Have ssh running on the home linux computer running the TCP server.
5. Have a dvb-t stick (of course!).
6. Have compiled the rtl_tcp command for the home linux computer, to run the dvb-t stick as a software defined radio, and stream the data over TCP.  Here are the steps I took running Trusty Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Install commands with verbose commenting).

Once the above prerequisites were satisfied, it was still tricky getting it so that I could connect to my rtl_tcp server running on the linux desktop at home, and tune the radio from SDR sharp on my desktop at work. Here is a list of the settings:
1. Start the rtl_tcp server on the linux desktop at home with the following command:
./rtl_tcp -a -p 10021

​2. Tunnel into the linux desktop running the rtl_tcp server, from the work desktop, using putty. Use the typical SSH settings for the connection part (server name, port, etc.). But for ssh --> tunneling, choose 1234 as the local port, and localhost:10021 as the remote server. The entry for forwarded ports in putty will look like this:
L1234 localhost:10021

​3. In SDR sharp on the work desktop, from configuration, choose rtl_tcp. Under configuration for this option, set the port 1234, and the server to (I tried "localhost", but that didn't work - I had to use the actual number).

With these settings, it worked! Thanks to Mike B. for his help in hashing the details out.

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