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Man-Cave Temperature: Rasperry Pi and DS1820

Yesterday, I was able to complete a fun little project. It was perfect, as it required very little time (only a few hours). This was enough to finish it while the family was out and about. Here is a rough outline of the steps I took:

Materials required:
1. DS1820 ...

Booting Raspberry Pi from USB drive

The Raspberry Pi has been a bit slow running WordPress.  I read, however, that it can be made faster by running off of a USB stick.  This has been dealt with quite well from a few other sites, so I will not go into detail with it.  I will list ...

Insufficient Memory Errors

In a previousblog, I discussed how to set up WordPress from a home-hosted computer, so that it could be edited from within the LAN.

​1. For the desktop computers, editing the hosts file was necessary so that the theme being used on the blog could be visible from within ...