Radio install complete!

I just finished installing my new aftermarket radio, the DEH-X4600BT.  Originally, all I wanted was a radio that had an auxiliary jack (3.5mm).  Seems like old technology, but surprisingly I hadn't seen many radios with it.  So I started looking, and found that the current technology in aftermarket radios is quite good.  As mentioned in yesterday's post, it was only \~\$100.  It has a lot of nice features, but my favorite are:

​1. Auxiliary jack (3.5mm).

​2. Blue Tooth connectivity.

​3. Hands free calling.  I placed the microphone that came with the stereo at the bottom of the odometer display area (see picture below).  So you hear the incoming phone call over the car speakers, and your outgoing voice goes over the stereo microphone.

So far, it works great.  I tried the three above mentioned features, and it works as described.  I am very happy with this radio.

Features to try:

1.  It has "Siri® Eyes Free voice recognition compatiblity."  I think this means I can use Siri through the car stereo.  Can't wait to try this one!

​2. It has a high pass filter built in.  Wow!  I was surprised.  But then maybe this has been around in car stereos for a while, and I just didn't notice.

With the wiring harness complete, the installation only took probably \~1.5 hours - and that was because I took my time.  It was very easy.  I installed the microphone on the small dash area between the odometer and steering wheel.


I made a test call to my better half, and the outgoing audio was good.  I have yet to try it while driving.  Hopefully it will not pick up a lot of driving noise.  I might move it to the sun visor if that is a problem (update post to follow... if I remember :0).

The radio looks nice too...


Technology, it keeps on moving, even if you forget about it!

Original post:1/12/14

Update:  I tried the Siri eyes free feature.  It works great.  After reading the manual, I finally figured it out.  You have to press and hold the main nob until the voice prompt comes up.  I can hands and eyes free send texts, get directions, make calls.  Very convenient.

With regards to the microphone placement near the steering wheel, the mic seems pretty directive, and doesn't pick up road noise.

I have yet to try the high pass filter, but seeing how everything has worked so far, I would expect it to work as advertised.

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