QuickCache vs WP Fastest Cache on Raspberry Pi

I recently saw a plugin that looked appealing - WP Fastest Cache.  I saw that it cached HTML pages, and thought that might significantly speed up WordPress on my Raspberry Pi.  So I tried this plugin, and compared it to Quick Cache.  I took an average of 5 page loads with tools.pingdom.com, after a few initial runs to get out any hiccups in the caching.

wp-fastcache Avg: 5.038 quick-cache Avg: 2.328 4.75 3.47
5.72 1.88
4.95 2.23
5.08 1.55
4.75 2.51

As you can see, quick cache handily beat out the wp-fastcache plugin.  The above results for wp-fastcache are with compression (as gz), repeat user speed up, and new post deleting cache turned off.  I tried enabling these options, and got an average of 5.05 (identical, basically).

This test was done on a Raspberry Pi, Model B, running Arch Linux, Nginx, and WordPress 3.9.1.  I had to switch to permalinks for the wp fastest cache plugin to work.  This site had the best description for how to perform this task.

UPDATE: it looks like wp fast cache requires apache, so it probably wasn't caching during the tests I performed above.  I may try a caching system that is compatible with nginx.

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