Preparing for Radio install.


This is my cat.  His name is Maxwell (as in James Clerk Maxwell).  He is cool, he kills stuff.  He eats it too.

Below this vicious killer, you will see that there is a nice, homemade wiring harness.  The black piece to the left is the part that plugs into the aftermarket radio (I got the Pioneer deh-x4600bt, \~\$100).  The white piece on the right is the part that will plug into my Subaru Impreza 2007 factory harness.  This part was \~\$5 on amazon.  All you have to do is solder the wires together and heat shrink wrap - they are color coordinated, just match the colors.  This makes for a marvelously easy stereo installation, and eliminates the need to hack on wires.

Really, who wants to ruin the factory wiring harness?

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