Insufficient Memory Errors

In a previousblog, I discussed how to set up WordPress from a home-hosted computer, so that it could be edited from within the LAN.

​1. For the desktop computers, editing the hosts file was necessary so that the theme being used on the blog could be visible from within the LAN.

​2. Since iPads do not have a readily accessible hosts file, it is necessary to have them use a proxy server, and edit the hosts file of the proxy server.

The issue I had is with #2.  I have several applications running on my Raspberry Pi:  a driver for a DVB-T stick, mysql, nginx, php, and additionally squid acting as a proxy server so I could access the themed version of my blog from an iPad.  The proxy server proved to be too much for the Pi, and php kept on crashing.  I was getting insufficient memory errors.  I run the quick cache plugin on WordPress, and this probably uses memory as well.  I turned off the proxy server squid (which must be using up extra memory as well, to pre-cache web pages), and haven't been receiving the errors anymore.

For the time being I will be limited to seeing the themed version of my blog from my desktop computers.  A possible solution, I think, would be to configure squid so that it uses less memory.  Maybe a page file/swap space instead?  More on this to follow later.

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