Editing WordPress Post From Home Served Site

So I have finally figured out how to edit my WordPress site from home.  From what I have seen, the usual scenario is that someone might pay a small annual fee for a web hosting service, and then set up WordPress on the web hosting service.  Since I am serving this site from my own home network, I had to figure out how to make it visible to both users outside my network (from the web), and users inside my network (on the LAN).  Initially, I couldn't figure out how to get it visible from the web.  I found that I needed to do the following:

​1. Dashboard ==> Settings ==> General

​2.  Set both "WordPress Address" and "Site Address" to my full IP address, ..

The problem was, I could no longer read it from within my own network.  The solution: edit the host files on all the computers on my LAN.  There are only a few, so it wasn't hard.

​3. Edit the Windows 7 hosts file with the following lines (root privileges needed):      lukesnow.no-ip.biz

At this point, the blog site came up beautifully on my desktop computers.  Now, if only I could get them to come up on my iPad!  Without jailbreaking, you can't edit the hosts files of an iPad.  The workaround: set up a proxy server, and edit the hosts file on the proxy server.  Then put in the proxy information (IP address and port used by the proxy server) into the iPad:

​4. Install the proxy server.  I used Squid.

​5.  Settings ==> Wifi ==> Choose your home connection ==> At the bottom, where it says Proxy, choose "manual" and enter in the IP address of the computer acting as a proxy, and the port used.

Now this was all great, and the proxy worked fine.  However, I had the problem that I couldn't get the proxy to serve up the web site, which was also being served from the proxy.  I tried entering the above (see step #3) in the hosts file, but that didn't work.  Then it dawned on me.  The proxy knows itself as the localhost, so I put this in the proxy's hosts file:       lukesnow.no-ip.biz      localhost

Problem solved.  Now I can view/edit my blog from the web, or from my desktops at home, or from my ipad, a home or from the web.

Now that wasn't so bad!

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