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Household Power Usage with the Kill-A-Watt

I just performed a rather interesting exercise in data collection – I measured the annual cost of running various household appliances, assuming they are on all the time. Heaters, used in the winter, were by far the most expensive. For runner up, TVs and computers were the next most expensive. See ...

Artificial Lawn: Before and After

We recently decided to get an artificial lawn in our front yard.  Here are the before and after pictures:





As you can see, the transformation was amazing.  It was a bit heavy on the budget, but it was completely worth it!  We are very happy with it.  As ...

Built Front Yard Gate

Last summer, I mostly finished building a fence around my property.  This summer, I will finish it the rest of the way.  One of the things left to do was build a gate in our front yard.

Gate needed. New fence to left, old fence to right.

Gate needed. New fence to left, old fence to right.

As you can ...

Fixed the oven!

Today, I fixed our gas oven.  Here is the symptoms we were seeing:

​0. The oven would only partially warm up.

​1. The oven wouldn't turn on reliably.

​2. If we re-plugged it in, it would sometimes work.

After some googling ("gas oven won't warm up all the ...