Booting Raspberry Pi from USB drive

The Raspberry Pi has been a bit slow running WordPress.  I read, however, that it can be made faster by running off of a USB stick.  This has been dealt with quite well from a few other sites, so I will not go into detail with it.  I will list the sites I used:

A: speed-up-your-pi-by-booting-to-a-usb-flash-drive

B: install-and-run-raspbian-from-a-usb-flash-drive

The first site I liked because it had a description of how to identify the USB drive you are booting from at "part uuid," since if you have more than one USB drive plugged in, Linux will assign /dev/sda1 to a random USB drive.  Unfortunately, you cannot specify a uuid in the /boot/cmdline.txt, but you can specify a "part uuid."  In order to do this, you need a utility called "gdisk," as described in A above.

On my system, I used a Patriot XT Xporter, 8GB.  So far, so good.  And WordPress seems to be running MUCH faster off the USB stick.  I did read that if the USB stick wasn't high enough quality, it could fail.  We will see!

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