Hello Pelican, Good Bye WordPress

I have finally decided to give up WordPress, and go for a flat Content Management System. I did enjoy the range of options available with WordPress, but the reliance on so many other packages (PHP, SQL, etc.) rendered it difficult to set up, and a pain to maintain. The plugins are nice, but they do seem to complicate things. You need plugins for security, plugins to prevent spam comments, etc. Additionally, I am familiar with Python, the scripting language of Pelican. With PHP, on the otherhand, I am fairly clueless.

For some, Pelican might seem too complicated. I call it "Blogging for programmers." WordPress had a much larger learning curve for me. It looks like Markdown will be very easy to learn and remember, and setting up Pelican was a breeze. Thanks to my brother for recommending it. I almost went with Pico, but that uses PHP. We will see how Pelican holds up over time.

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